Goin' Down the River by Janet Garity
Goin' Down the River by Janet Garrity  
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Take a journey
to some of the most
unique places in South
Carolina – the fish camps of the
Sea Islands. Janet Garrity shares
with you photos, stories and history
in this first ever published book about
Goin’ Down the River –
Fish Camps of the Sea Islands.
Goin’ Down the River is a book you’ll be proud to give and proud to own.
Fish camps are structures that come in assorted shapes, sizes and levels of creature comfort. Perhaps more important, fish camps are destinations for an activity that has evolved over 250 years, since the first planters came to the Lowcountry. That activity, whether called “goin’ down the river,” “going to the camp,” or “marooning” is a mixture of escape, adventure, family, nature, challenge, hunting, fishing, partying, and the telling of tall tales. Fish Camps are a living tradition.
Janet Garrity author of Goin' Down the River   Janet Garrity resides in Beaufort, SC, where she found inspiration to create a book about the Sea Islands’ fish camps.

Book Signings Schedule:

- Sat., Oct. 25th, 3pm - 6pm
Janet will be signing copies of her book at Salt Gallery, 802 Bay Street, Beaufort...

  • "Coming up, this was my world, these sunny windswept islands teetering on the edge of America and the ramshackle creekbank fishcamps, where boys learned how to be men, and men learned how to be boys all over again. Janet Garrity gets it and she gets it right. Better than right, she gets it perfect."
    - Roger Pinckney, author of Blue Roots, The Right Side of the River, Reefer Moon.
  • "This is a truly beautiful book about fish camps. Janet photos bring back vivid memories of my life-long love for ‘goin’ down the river.’ She has captured ‘the thing’ that puts a smile on the face of anyone who has ever known a camp, anywhere, and the feeling that one keeps in their heart to cherish forever."
    - Nancy Ricker Rhett, owner of The Rhett Gallery in Beaufort, SC, nationally known fine artist.”
  • "Just getting into the book but I already know I'm going to love it. Beautifully done. Thanks so much for taking the time to publish such a delightful book. I could spend the rest of my life at one of these fish camps."

    - Mike Sutton, Beaufort, SC
  • "Congratulations on your first book signing. I would say it was a great success and I am so excited for you. Thank you for allowing us to share your day."

    - Maggie McCormick, Mags, Mugs & More at Fordham Market, Beaufort, SC
  • "The book is wonderful! It is a thing of beauty. You should be very proud."

    - Keith Richardson Owasso, OK
  • "You did an amazing job, your photos have encouraged me to paint again! Not sure I could ever capture what you have through your photographs, but I will try! Thanks for your beautiful depiction of the beauty this place we live in has to offer without any fluff!"

    - Ellen Flynn Beaufort, SC
  • "Just finished reading your book. I truly hated when I turned the last page….Sequel PLEASE!"

    - Penny Williams Beaufort, SC
  • "Janet's book is a collection of her excellent photographs, which illustrate some of the fine old fish camps located on many of the small barrier islands south of St. Helena sound. The images are attended by an interesting narrative which reveals as much as can be about the revels that went on within their walls."
    - Ben McC. Moise, author of Ramblings of a Lowcountry Game Warden
A Fish Camp Morning Lookin’ Down the River Heaven on Earth A Fish Camp Day Begins Morning at the Dock
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